Ist unser Geschäftsmodell enkelfähig? - Podcast mit Michel Oldehaver und Justus Rossa
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Is our business model fit for discernment? - Podcast with Michel Oldehaver and Justus Rossa

from {{ author }} Hannes Tamme at Mar 24, 2022

"Is our business model capable of enkelfähig?", we answered this question in a conversation with Wolfgang Krogmann from Retailtalker Podcast .


And quite honestly, it is a critical question when we think about the longevity of our business. We want to be proud of what we've created with you, our customers, and we want to build a healthy profitable businessthat helps build the world for our grandchildren and not destroy it.

Wolfgang expresses there so: "The self-confidence that Justus and Michel are on the right track, you feel quickly when you talk to the two."

We tell our founding story: Started in the Corona lockdown phase and used this time to learn everything from scratch ourselves. With mother's sewing machine the first patterns were sewn, between Zoommeetings in the lecture period were enriched on the side with ironing goods and the long evenings were used to discuss the business model.


This has put us in a position to sell with Zeitgeist Vintage Secondhand & vintage clothing, which we source primarily from France and Italy, digitize the merchandise and add our own size. For the past year, we have been running a brick-and-mortar store to better understand what customers are looking for, to present the brand authentically and, of course, to get more people excited about vintage.


We met with Wolfgang in our store at Ballindammand talked about the Zeitgeist foundation, sustainability, consumption and fashion.

Listen in: .
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