Earth Day 2022 - Zeit “Danke” zu sagen!
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Earth Day 2022 - Time to say "thank you"!

from {{ author }} Michel Oldehaver at Apr 22, 2022

When we founded Zeitgeist in the summer of 2020 - sometime during the first lockdown - we had a lot of plans.

What we definitely didn't expect was to have served 8,000 customers in 60 countries. By the way, the strongest growth currently comes not from Germany (thanks to our large customer base "at home") but from our neighbors in Austria and increasingly Denmark!

8,000 individual people are in about 30,000 vintage pieces sold. That still doesn't make us quite as big as our partner ViteEnVogue, who are celebrating 500,000 sales for 2021.

Even better is the impact for Mother Earth. The amount of CO2 saved behind the sales figures are about 50 tons. Together we have saved 45 million liters of water from pollution and 200,000 kWh of electricity.

Thank you so much for your support without the support of so many individuals this would not be possible!

To express our thanks, we offer to make you Summer ready. That's why there's 37% off t-shirts this Earth Day weekend. Go here for vintage t-shirt selection.


About us: vintage clothing at Zeitgeist - your online shop


Zeitgeist was founded by five friends with the goal of creating a real, sustainable alternative to fast fashion online shopping. Meanwhile, we are a team of 15 fashion enthusiasts, which delivers secondhand fashion from Hamburg to the whole world. On the occasion of Earth Day, we would like to express you our customers still special respect.

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